Saturday, 23 November 2013

So who are you more afraid of- Ghosts or Humans?

It is a terrible feeling to be in a horrifying situation, to see something which chokes your throat and increase your heart beat enough to be heard without a device. It is equally terrible to suggest someone that they imagine themselves in such a situation. Nevertheless I have imagined some situations in which I would surely get a heart attack, and I am sure you would too.

a)     You woke up in middle of the night. This is nothing new for you. Generally you roll over and go to sleep, but not today. A dog is crying in front of your house. It is a strange thing since you have not seen a dog in the vicinity for a long time. You had an eerie feeling but closed your eyes and tried to sleep. You felt hand of your spouse on your shoulder. When you turned towards your spouse, he/she was not sleeping. Instead he/she was sitting on bed looking at you. And believe me it is not love in his/her eyes. There is a demonic look on his/her face and then he/she speaks out your name slowly but it’s not his/her voice.

b)    They were in your building. It has been ten days since the riots started. There was a curfew so you sat in your home entire day watching new channels to see how many died and where. Your home is in one of the most posh colonies so you believed that you will be safe. But you were wrong. You heard screams of men, women and children. There was nowhere to hide and only a kitchen knife to defend yourself and your family with. With each new scream you wanted to run away; you wanted to stab yourself with that knife but did not enough courage. Your wife and kids start crying and held you tightly. And then all fears came true. There was a loud knock on your door and then more knocks. They were kicking on the door trying to break the same open. And you sat in a corner with your wife and kids, with a knife in your hands. 

c)     You walk your way from office to home. You worked till late in the office and are very tired. There is no hurry since you stay alone and thus no one is waiting for you to come home. But still you are walking fast since you have never liked this dark gully. It always gives you creeps. There is no reason to be afraid as you have not countered anyone suspicious till date. But today you saw a man walking towards you. You hope that he is another one like you and yes he was. He stopped and asked for a lighter. You handed him one. You saw his face for the first time when he lit the cigar. There was nothing on his face. Absolutely nothing, no eyes, no ears, no nose, no hair. You started running like crazy. You don’t even stop to look back and see if he is following you. Somehow you reach home and quickly open the door. You wanted to take a long shower to calm yourself down. So you stood under the shower and let the water run in your hair and your face. You rubbed your eyes. But there were no eyes. You ran towards the mirror. There was absolutely nothing on your face. 

d)  You and your husband love to take adventure trips. You keep searching for places far away from population; remote villages, camping on hills, tree house in forests, sailing far into the sea and so on. You heard about this location from one of your old friends from college. He said nobody crosses that road for months. You were very excited. You packed the backpack, picked your husband from office and started driving. It was a long drive. You camped in middle of nowhere just before sunset, pour two glasses of Champaign and kept staring as the sun went down the horizon. It was absolutely dark, except for the lantern. You two listened to classic love songs and danced till long into the night. While you were sleeping you heard a sound. You woke up to see blood on chest of your husband and then you saw the knife deeply stabbed. He trembled and then became silent for ever. And then you saw five men with lust in their eyes; one of them your college friend. 

e)   You drive towards your office and stop at a traffic signal sharp at nine every morning. Every day without fail, a man turns up on window of your car and stands there. He has a round box in his hands. He does not say anything to you, just stands there looking at you. No matter how much you ignore him, he does not go away. He does not make any effort to approach anybody else till the time you are standing there. You mention about him to your office colleagues but even though everybody passes through the same traffic signal, no one recalls seeing him. So one morning out of curiosity you look into his eyes. You roll down the windows and ask him “What is the matter with you?” He does not say anything. He just opens the round box. It is full of currency notes. You tell yourself in your mind that always you knew that this was about the money. So you drop a dollar in the box and as you were dropping the dollar, the man holds your hand. You shout and try to free your hand. Next moment, you are no longer sitting in the car. You are standing on the road. You are holding the round box in your hands and you see yourself driving away. The next car comes and you are staring into its window.
So who are you more afraid of, ghosts or humans? I guess I know the answer.

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