Sunday, 27 October 2013

I baked a cake....

This is not a cookery blog, and this article is not about recipe to baking a great cake. It is about my experience of baking the first cake of my life. I will try and avoid technical details, but let’s face it, it’s a Goddamn cake and I will have to include some technicals.
The first ingredient to make a soft melting chocolate cake is not chocolate, but a convection mode microwave oven. Buying an oven proved to be ignition point of battle of the sexes. While I was going through various functions, my wife was concerned whether the design will go with kitchen furniture. Ultimately, we both won, even though it meant extra Rs 5k on my pocket.
I got the usual ingredients like all-purpose flour, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, walnuts etc. I was super confident of the proportions, however I thought I will involve my wife in the baking process. So I casually asked her to check if everything was ok. First thing I remember was a lecture on usage of so much butter and that white butter was better than yellow butter only that I did not know where to get white butter from. Second was of course, sugar. Apparently I was using twice the sugar than acceptable standards laid down by International super-intelligent wives associations (ISIWA). So I lost half the butter and equal amount of sugar.
I poured what was left of everything in a bowl and started beating the mixture. The cake mixture was then poured into the baking mould and kept for baking. Believe me or not, those were one of the most testing 30 minute period I have ever faced, with unending sceptical looks of my wife.
30 minutes were over and it was time for the result. As expected, I had again fallen short of expectations of ISIWA. The cake did not seem to be soft enough. Apparently the reason I was given was that I had not beaten the mixture sufficiently. Also it has nothing to do with cutting down butter content in the mixture.
And then came the time for taste test. While she had the cake in her mouth and I had my throat in mine. Well the thing about a good cake it that while it goes in mouth, it is tasted directly from heart. It’s a soul touching nirvana moment while it lasts. I knew I had passed with distinction.
My friends – Butter and sugar are nothing. Love is still the best recipe in the world. And I can afford to proudly say that today because it was undoubtedly the best cake we ever had.


  1. Well that's why your cake tastes so yummy...

  2. M glad the active member of ISIWA approved your cake!!! keep up the good work :-)

  3. So, we should get to taste the cake too!

    1. Wait...I will have to take permission from ISIWA

  4. "Well the thing about a good cake it that while it goes in mouth, it is tasted directly from heart" Beautifully said :)