Friday, 3 January 2014

The world I imagined...

I have not travelled this far for nothing. Ever since I was a kid, I used to imagine a world where I could run endlessly with all colours of nature – green, orange, blue and hues of red fusing as I sprint past them. I imagined standing on the corner of the earth, looking at what lay beneath and above the horizon. As a kid, you are allowed to have a wild imagination. For some unlucky ones like me, the imagination does not stop with age. The craving of finding this world grew so much that one day I could no longer continue with my excitingly mundane occupation. It was time.

It was not an easy job and a very expensive one. Fortunately or unfortunately there is no travel agency who plans this sort of adventure. Also I am sure I was not alone in search for such a place because at all promising locations I stumbled across people, automotive noise or military. I was looking for something more extraordinarily secluded untouched and silent. I should have started this search long back; maybe a thousand years back.

I was broke; both financially and emotionally. I was getting desperate. I had heard that seven hundred miles in west, there is a large piece of private land. It ran into millions of acres. It was the most suitable place for me to fulfil my dream. I knew I had to break in.

The place was as beautiful as I imagined it to be; green till you can see topped by a blue, red and orange sky. I had decided. It was the place. I had to die here, in middle of nowhere, with no one around; but only my beautiful colours. I have not travelled this far for nothing. I started running. No matter how much I ran, it seemed that nothing changed; just like I imagined. I kept running. Despite my lifelong imagination, I had never actually run in my life. My heart gave out soon.

And here I was lying; just last few moments. All colours were fusing into one – Black.
PS: I had imagined a different ending for the story. But I could just not deprive myself of a beautiful death...


  1. Amazing imagination indeed, and such poetic writing. Thanks for sharing, Ankur!

    1. Thanks Rashad....a banker who loves to travel...inspiring....