Friday, 21 March 2014

When I will see her tomorrow..

I was standing on the sidewalk. I stand here every morning. I prepared myself to gather courage, cross the street and talk to her. I have been thinking about this moment for a long time now. Any moment she will open the door and come out. I remember her exactly the same. Everyday she comes out on the street wearing a hat, smiles and looks up, and my world just stops there. I watch her walk down the street and I just stand there, mesmerised.
My father used to tell stories about how he used to travel several miles to get a glimpse of my mother. He did this for months before she finally said yes and they got married. I used to wonder, what makes a person take so much pain; what makes a person identify his true love and what makes him sure that he will be able to persuade her eventually. I used to tell my father that I will never be able to undertake such burden. I did not see the point. My father always said “trust me son, you will; and it will all be worth every minute you spent standing in rain and heat, every step you take in a journey of miles and every tear you drop waiting for her.”
I asked my mother whether my father’s persistence forced her to say yes. She said that she would have agreed on the first day they met. She knew that he was the one she would get married to. I was baffled, why did she wait? She winked at me and said “It’s a girl’s secret. Ask the girl you would love when she says yes.” I always thought they were a weird couple.
I first saw her three months back. I am a shy person, especially when it comes to beautiful girls. I believe she looked at me. At the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker, I figured out her address and followed her home. I thought I will ring the doorbell and ask her out, but could not gather enough courage. I tried many times in office as well, however her smile makes me forget everything, even what I was about to say.
But not today; today I will walk up to her and ask her out. I had rehearsed what I will say. I had also planned various responses based on her reaction. I decided not to be too excited if she says yes, nor too depressed if she refuses. What if she does not recognise me? Should I then first introduce myself? Will she think I was stalking her? What if she was already engaged to someone? Am I dressed appropriately? Hope there is no spinach in my teeth? I cannot get nervous today. I have to do this.
And then the door opened. My heartbeat increased every millisecond. And there she was, like I remember her. Why does she smile so much? I am again forgetting what I had planned to say. I should do something fast. I started walking towards her. I was only watching her. The world had stopped around me.
But maybe everything had not stopped. I failed to notice a speeding truck approaching me. She looked at me. I thought she had recognised me. And then the truck hit me. I was dead. Again! I stood, picked up the flowers I brought for her, dusted my coat and walked back to the sidewalk.
I stood there, waiting for tomorrow morning when I will see her again.


  1. Intense love story...

  2. It seemed like a sweet love story (so unlike what you usually write). And then, came the twist I was waiting for! :)

    1. Hope the twist was worthy enough to wait for....