Thursday, 24 October 2013

5 Years

It was time for performance review. I must have done something good so as part of my career planning conversation, my boss asked – ‘Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?’ There is something magical about this question. This somehow takes me to my dream house somewhere on a beautiful hill station. Shimla or Dalhousie comes to mind. Rains, snowfall and mist. I just cannot stop imagining myself living that life. A lovely stroll in the morning and evening. But I haven’t retired yet so let’s rewind a little.
I can be an author with a popular blog and a bestselling book. Most part of my day is spent in thinking about new ideas, taking naps to keep my mind fresh, giving guest lectures and signing books etc. I spend my leisure time sitting in dark corners of libraries around the world going through ancient journals. Well the thing is that my writing skills have not quite developed yet, so let’s look at  another alternative.

I can be a farmer. I would like to own a few acres of land, employ few labourers and spend my day toiling the land. It’s a remote village, hopefully largely insulated from development. It should be fun to be lost. If only I did not get habitual to fast city life and amenities.
‘I see myself heading the division in 5 years with independent responsibilities’ I told my boss. I should be ok, I guess…