Saturday, 26 October 2013

The thing about Emotion management

The people who cry

Leave me bewildered and dry.

I try and steer clear of them

Once bitten twice shy.
Well admittedly it’s a bad attempt at writing a poem. The thing about climbing up the corporate ladder is that you have to deal with human resources more than you have to deal with work issues. I was told that the key to success is time management, resource management, relationship management and expectation management. Nobody told me that after a point in time, 75% of my productive time will be spent in Emotion Management.
This was a new field for me so I thought I will take help of the universal guru and guide – Google. Surprisingly its gives tips only about managing one’s own emotions and not others’. Maybe because It’s not possible to manage somebody else’s outbursts. Maybe it’s possible, but then one will be tagged as manipulative.

The thing about emotions

Cannot be managed even through magic potions

Tears cannot be hidden away

By using creams and lotions

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