Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mondays, Music, Movies and Motivation

Mondays, Music, Movies and Motivation

Bloody Khooni Monday. I have never heard anybody saying ‘Thank God it’s Monday’ other than maybe mean bosses who cannot get their way around at home. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any such bosses, just could not think of any other person who would love Mondays.

Monday is not only the most popular sick day according to a UK based research but is also most common day for suicides (not to give you any ideas). In Germany, Monday represents an image of low quality products, like in the phrase “Monday Cars” the cars built on Monday used to have a reputation of being lower quality since the workers haven’t refocused from the weekends. I wish I could have followed some Christian or Hebrew calendars which place Monday as second day of the week. But then ofcourse this article would have been about Sundays and not Mondays.
How many times have you dragged yourself and lived on bouts of caffeine on this dreadful day? Don’t worry son, you are not the only one beaten down by this demon. Oh you don’t trust me!!! Ok don’t listen to me, but you have to listen when The Boomtown Rats sing “I want to shoot the whole day down” in “I don’t like Mondays” or when Carpenters sing “Hangin' around, nothing to do but frown; Rainy days and Mondays always get me down” or “Every other day of the week is fine, yeah but whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes, You can find me cryin' all of the time” by The Mamas and Papas or “It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday, ‘Cause that's my funday, My I don't have to runday, It's just another manic Monday” by the Bangles.

Lets take a break and talk about movies now. Thousands of places you have not been to, thousands of lives you have never lived and thousands of people you have never met. But still seems so familiar as if you have lived those moments, felt the wind or the rain on your face or an earthquake under your feet. Those people are part of your lives - your friends, relatives and enemies. For e.g. I hold a personal grudge against Green Goblin, Cyrus the Virus, Auric Goldfinger and Gabbar Singh. I admit I am bit of a movie-aholic.  It’s a fantasy world with all adventure, love, emotions and fears amplified. Knowingly or unknowingly our lives are shaped by the movies we watch, much more than what we imagine. Can this hatred for Mondays secretly be induced by movies? Possible. Have you ever seen Wolverine, Neo, Iron Man or Terminator rushing to office, stuck in a jam and cursing Mondays? Forget the superheroes, I have never ever seen Rambo, Gordon Gekko or Forrest Gump ever worrying about waking up late from hangover on Monday mornings. Even in Bollywood all Rahuls, Raj, Prems, Singhams etc have all time in world to chase their girl, learn karate or kick boxing and punch the villain in his face. I really envy these guys. What do they do? Where do I find such a job? James Bond never said – “Later honey, It’s Monday and I really need to rush”. The most sincere character is probably Wall –E who regularly packs his bag and goes on to work irrespective of anything.

Well neither are we movie stars, nor we write jingles and own a Malibu beach house like Charlie Harper, so we still have to find ways and means to straighten the back, lose the temper, hope that boss is on leave and pray that coffee machine is working just fine to see us through the day. I would like to give some tips to make the day easy on all of us. Plan the day on Sunday itself so that the day does not seem so chaotic, follow an exercise routine specially on Monday to give enough energy to the brain, give priority to easy tasks on Monday morning and blah blah blah….Who am I kidding? There is no way out of this impending doom of being caught in this vicious circle. We are in this together buddy. So when you see me next time on Monday mornings….try and smile…may it follow the circle of life and come back to you…..


  1. Like this one, Ankur! I dread some Mondays especially - tomorrow I know is going to be hell for me and I do hope an unexpected smile comes my way!

    1. And the fact that it will keep coming every week for the foreseeable future....Living hell on earth!!!!