Monday, 28 October 2013

I have a grudge against Inner Peace

In last one week, I have tried almost everything. Morning yoga to classical music; spiritual discourses to meditation, but the promised land of Inner peace is nowhere to be seen. I must be doing something wrong. Some say it’s a rookie mistake, like new joinees in a gym look at their biceps in the mirror the most. I tell them, it’s only logical since only they can observe a lot of change when after pumping iron for only 5 minutes; hands seem to be 10 kg each.
Why don’t I get Inner peace?
I want to know the reason please.
Quick Quick! That’s my plea,
Whether I choose it or it chooses me.
With each passing day, I was more inclined to believe Fran Lebowitz who said – “There is no such thing as inner peace. There is only nervousness and death.” But I was willing to make one more effort, so as a good seeker, I picked up a pencil and started writing down probable reasons and their likeliness for me seeking the peace. Here was the result:
I do not have any depression, jealousy, anxiety or fear,
I am not a slave of desire, can see my future so clear.
Undoubtedly I have a clear purpose, an aim, an objective,
I think I am troubled by peace itself, in a robe that’s deceptive.

Sometimes the journey for seeking peace starts with peace itself. Human mind is an ever seeker and it will keep seeking till there is something to seek.
So Inner peace, I have a grudge against you for coming to me so quickly, now I have to seek something else. What about that girl with long legs!!!!